OCTENOL Mosquito Attractant 10 ml Refill bottle



(It is known that mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects determine a person’s location by exhaling air containing carbon dioxide (CO2, carbon dioxide). At a closer distance, mosquitoes also respond to other odors of short range. For example, the smell of human skin, animal or plants. It is on this physiological peculiarity of insects that the principle of the Octenol cartridge was built. Plant and animal products, for example, bull tissue and oxen, were used as components for its manufacture. in.

The trap offers bloodsuckers a more “appetizing object” than a person, so they all flock to it. Patented catalysis reaction technology converts propane to carbon dioxide (simulating human respiration), and the special attractant Octenol (simulates the smell of human and animal skin) of small radius attracts mosquitoes at close distances. Carbon dioxide and attractant insects fly into a trap and are sucked, like in a vacuum cleaner, into a special removable container in which they are dehydrated and die in 24 hours. The device can work without an attractant, but with it the efficiency is 3-4 times higher.//en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1-Octen-3-ol




Octenol  Mosquito attractant 10 ml

PURITY 99,8% !

Enough to refill 5 used cartridge!!!
Octenol is one of the best an attractant for mosquitoes and midges! 
Promotes efficiency of traps in 3 – 4 times!! 
we will Combine with all types of electronic traps! 
It is recommended to renew an attractant every 21 – 28  days.


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