Quick clear adapter CO2 mosquito magnet


Quick clear adapter CO2 mosquito magnet .

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For normal operation of the Mosquito Magnet, when changing the bait, it is necessary to clean it with the help of quick cleaning cartridges.

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The trap needs to produce carbon dioxide and heat to attract mosquitoes. This is necessary to simulate the life of a potential victim of mosquitoes. To achieve this, propane gas is used in mosquito magnet traps. When this fuel is burned, heat and carbon dioxide are generated.
During the operating cycle of the trap (approximately 21 days), approximately 20 liters of fuel are burned in the trap. The trap’s fuel system then needs to be cleaned.
Failure to follow this rule will cause the trap to malfunction and also make it difficult to launch the trap.
To clean the trap, attach the quick cleaning adapter to the trap, then screw the quick cleaning cartridge into the adapter all the way and turn it back a little. After that, the process of cleaning the fuel system will begin. This will cause the quick cleaning cartridge to cool down. Care must be taken when removing the cartridge as the temperature of the cartridge is low. It is recommended to carry out this action with work gloves.
For reliable and efficient operation of your trap, it is recommended that you clean it every time you change the propane cylinder (CO2 Quick clear cartridge ). This will ensure that the trap will work properly and will help you get rid of mosquitoes in your area.

Also, do not forget to change the octenol bait in a timely manner. Timely replacement of octenol bait ensures maximum trap performance.
It should also be borne in mind that the location of the trap affects the effectiveness of the trap. Some obstructions, such as walls, fences, or dense bushes, can make it difficult for mosquitoes to detect the trap. This can also reduce the effectiveness of the trap.



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