OCTENOL Refill bottle 60ml –



OCTENOL is one of the best an attractant for mosquitoes and midges!
Promotes efficiency of traps in 3 – 4 times!!
we will Combine with all types of electronic traps!
It is recommended to renew an attractant every 21 – 28 days.
Free shipping worldwide!
order delivery to USA within the 3-5 working days. delivery to Europe 12-14.

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in the process of using a cartridge, a substance that attracts mosquitoes (octenol) volatilizes from it …
To restore the efficiency of the cartridge, you just need to add octenol from the OCTENOL Refill
Bott into the hole in the cartridge (the bottle has a convenient dispenser). To add it is necessary approximately 2 ml .. After that the working capacity of a cartridge is completely restored!
if you have any questions please ask .. I’m happy to answer them ..


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