According to statistics, among all animals, mosquitoes are the most dangerous for humans. More people die from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes than from all other animals dangerous to humans combined. The control of these insects is very important to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases such as malaria, West Nile fever, zika virus and other dangerous diseases that can cause serious harm to human health, and even lead to death.
One of the most effective means to combat mosquitoes are traps that use octenol as bait. Octenol is a substance that is found in the air exhaled by animals, which in combination with carbon dioxide is a natural attractant for mosquitoes.
We offer Iron Mosquito octenol at the most attractive prices. Standard cartridges typically contain 1600-1800 mg of pure octenol. We offer cartridges containing 3000 mg of pure octenol plus 500 mg of other active ingredients (3500 mg in total) in each cartridge for maximum efficiency and more stable effect during the entire life of the octenol cartridge. We also offer pure (99.98% purity) Octenol also at the best prices. When you purchase on his product, you get worldwide free shipping.
Using Octenol Iron Mosquito will increase the effectiveness of your traps and help maintain your health and that of your loved ones.

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