Beautiful tulle veil. Wedding Veil.


Long tulle wedding veil. Beautiful simple bridal veil.  White wedding veil.  Ivory wedding veil.

Handmade wedding veil. Custom made bridal veil.


Beutiful modern tulle veil with round edges made from one layer of white or ivory tulle with a comb.

This elegant simple veil is made from soft tulle, so your dress still can shine!

COLOR: White or Off White (Light Ivory)

LENGHT: Many options available. (You should look for a veil that is slightly longer than the hem or train of your wedding dress)

WIDTH: You can choose between 59 inch (150 cm) width for sheer look, 105 inch (274 cm) for full look or 72 inch (182 cm) for medium width.
Overall, 105 inch width creates romantic look and provide true fullness at the top and fully frame most wedding dresses at the bottom, also covers your shoulders and arms. Veils 59 inch wide offer a sheer effect, stay behind your shoulders and provide a subtle elegant look. 72 inch width is something in between, so its not too sheer or too full.

All veils are handmade in Ukraine.

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